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Sri Harold Klemp
The Mahanta,
the Living ECK Master

Harold Klemp, Spiritual Leader of Eckankar, shares spiritual principles through stories and lighthearted humor in his talks, books, and video tapes.

How God Speaks to You

Through Past Lives,

Dreams, and Soul Travel

·      Dreams – Learn to remember and interpret your dreams 

·      Past Lives – Discover the connection with people in your life today

·      Soul Travel – Explore the heavens; prove that life exists beyond death


We live in a time of unprecedented interest in spirituality. Spiritual experiences are no longer the exclusive domain of religious leaders, saints, and mystics. They are a part of everyday living for millions of people. And these people have questions: Are their experiences real? What do they mean? How can a person have more experiences of the Divine?

Eckankar offers answers. It is an ancient spiritual teaching and a modern-day religion that offers spiritual techniques and resources for an individual to discover truth through personal experience.


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Where: Abilene Public Library 

            202 Cedar Street, Abilene, TX (map)
When: First Saturday of Every Month at 11:30a.m - 1:00 p.m.








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