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The Eckankar Center of Dallas is the focal point for all ECK activities in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. It is the spiritual home for members of Eckankar and those interested in learning more about the teachings of Eckankar and participating in ECK events in this area.

Events at this ECK center are held mainly on Sundays from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, and includes ECK Worship Services, Satsang (spiritual study) classes, and HU Chants. All events are free to the public. See Public Newsletter for more details.
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Please send all postal mail to:

Eckankar Center of Dallas
P. O. Box 110894
Carrollton, TX 75011
Location: 1200 East Jackson Rd. (Rear Building),  Carrollton,  TX  75006
Phone: 972-820-0530
Email: ECKinDallas@eckankar-texas.org

Dallas/FW Local Area ECK Events

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HU Chant (Denton) 1st Wednesdays 7:00 pm

HU is an ancient and holy name for God. It is a love song to God, and a HU Chant is a gathering to chant this sacred name for God. It is simply for the spiritual unfoldment of those who participate. Chanting HU as a group or in private draws us closer in our state of consciousness to God. It is for those who desire Divine Love, freedom, wisdom, and truth. Anyone may chant HU, regardless of beliefs or religion. Those who chant HU regularly have reported the following spiritual benefits: Frequent and more vivid dreams; amazing experiences with the Light and Sound of God, the twin aspects of the Holy Spirit; past-life recalls; ability to view events around them from a higher spiritual perspective; a better understanding of their relationship with God; experiences with spiritual guides known as ECK Masters; conscious Soul Travel experiences into the invisible worlds of God; and lots more. The HU Chant takes place every 1st Wednesday from 7:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. New attendees will receive a free introductory book on the teachings of Eckankar and a HU CD, which contains guided spiritual exercises to experience the Light and Sound of God, and a recording of thousands of spiritual students chanting HU.

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3228 Teasley Lane, Denton, TX 76205
Feb-03-2016 07:00 am
HU Chant, Sundays at 10:00 am

   "HU is an ancient name for God. It is also a love song to God. All that we do with the word HU is to sing it with reverence. It represents the love of God for Soul, and we are Soul. HU represents the enormous love that the Creator has for Its creation.    "HU can be sung by anyone, whether Christian, Muslim, or of any other religion. It isn't meant to change your religion. HU will enhance it."    —Harold Klemp, HU, The Most Beautiful Prayer, p. 7. ECKists use the HU as a daily spiritual exercise to further their spiritual growth. You can too. Join us every Sunday morning at the Eckankar center to learn how to chant HU. Besides learning how to chant HU, you will also receive free introductory books on the teachings of Eckankar and a HU CD. This HU chant takes place every Sunday morning from 10:00 to 10:30 am.

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Eckankar Center of Dallas
Feb-07-2016 10:00 am
ECK Youth Program, Feb. 7

    "If you give from your heart, this is the most valuable gift you can give anyone."    —Harold Klemp, Love the Keystone of Life, p. 71 Officiator: Gayle Hargrove

ECK Center
Feb-07-2016 11:00 am
ECK Worship Service, Feb. 7

    "The spiritual life is not meant to finally end the succession of problems, for they are given as opportunities for Soul’s unfoldment. What the spiritual student does develop, however, is the inner link with the ECK, the Holy Spirit. Thus he taps into the Supreme Creative Force that guides him around all the blocks in his path that once defeated him. One’s ability to take charge of his own life increases. This is a solid step toward self-mastery and that state of consciousness called the kingdom of heaven."    —Harold Klemp, Youth Ask a Modern Prophet about Life, Love, and God, p. 5-6 Officiator: Linda Bowman

Eckankar Center of Dallas
Feb-07-2016 11:00 am
Book Discussion (ECKANKAR Center of Dallas)

Youth Ask a Modern Prophet about Life, Love, and God Book Discussion Almost Every Sunday Feb. 07, 14, 21, 28 . 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm Drop-ins are welcome

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Eckankar Center of Dallas
Feb-07-2016 12:45 pm
Book Discussion (Richardson Library) on 2nd Saturdays at 4:30 pm

   "To avoid making karma, while either awake or asleep, sing the word HU. You can do this quietly within yourself or out loud." (p. 59). That's just one of many gems of wisdom in this book from Harold Klemp. Attend this free book discussion and also discover:

  • How to correct karmic patterns and avoid sowing unwanted karmic seeds in your life

  • Who the Lords of Karma are

  • How to learn from your past lives

  • How to satisfy your past-life curiosity

  • How to make your life better with an understanding of karma

  • How to graduate from the wheel of reincarnation

And much more ... A free copy of the book is yours to keep, just for attending.

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Richardson Public Library, 900 Civic Center Drive, Richardson, TX 75080
Feb-13-2016 04:30 pm
ECK Worship Service, Feb. 14

    "To keep your heart open, do one small, unsung good deed each day in the Mahanta’s name. I am always with you."    —Harold Klemp, A Modern Prophet Answers Your Key Questions About Life, p. 199-200  Officiator: Carolyn Kendall

Eckankar Center of Dallas
Feb-14-2016 11:00 am
ECK Worship Service, Feb. 21

    "People are usually too busy counting the things they don’t have. They notice how much more money their neighbor has, how much further ahead in spiritual unfoldment someone else is, and so on. But if we stop to count our blessings, to realize how much we do have and be grateful for it, then the heart is kept open to love and all the gifts that love brings, including the possibility of healing."    —Harold Klemp, Spiritual Wisdom on Health and Healing, p. 13 Officiator: Ehi Borha

Eckankar Center of Dallas
Feb-21-2016 11:00 am
Community HU Chant, Feb. 28

    "The word HU is an ancient name for God that has a unique ability to lift one into a higher state of awareness.    —Harold Klemp, The Art of Spiritual Dreaming, p. 95  Officiator: Frank Whiteside    Please join us for Round Table Discussions, following the Community HU Chant, from 11:45 am - 12:30 pm. Refreshments & Fellowship will follow the Round Tables.

Eckankar Center of Dallas
Feb-28-2016 11:00 am


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