Texas Satsang Society Events
ECK Light and Sound Service, Dec 31
Event Title: The River of God

  “As the river is made of drops of water, so the River of God Is made of the pure atoms which circulate throughout the Worlds of God, down to the top of the three worlds. Then It returns to God, still pure in Its form.
    However, below the three worlds, and to the physical region, the stream of light travels as impure light, and eventually becomes a circle in which it keeps moving through it's creator at the top of the three worlds. However, in time the stream does flow back to the center of that circle you see yonder, so as to be purified again.
    The Soul that has been gathered up by the divine hand of God, through the Guru, will use the Light for lighting the way so he can avoid the pitfalls, and the Sound as the current upon which to ride through to his true home again.”  —Paul Twitchell, Stranger by the River,   p. 28

Officiator Austin Audu

Event Date & Time: Dec-31-2017 11:00 am
Event Venue: Eckankar Center of Dallas