Texas Satsang Society Events
ECK Worship Service, February 19
Event Title: Our Spiritual Wakeup Calls

―When Love fills our heart, it becomes the awakened heart. We suddenly see and understand all there is to know about life itself — that it is good, that it is necessary, and that we exist because God loves us. That's all there is to the mystery of life. Soul exists because God loves It.‖ ―The Holy Spirit, which is the Voice of God, is always working on your behalf to help you unfold spiritually, to become a better, more loving human being. All that prevents you from taking that step is your state of awareness, your focus on God. How strong is it? How much do you want God? How successful you will be depends on your answer. —Harold Klemp, The Awakened Heart, pgs. 115, 144

Officiator Austin Audu 


Event Date & Time: Feb-19-2017 11:00 am
Event Venue: Eckankar Center of Dallas