Texas Satsang Society Events
ECK Light and Sound Service, July 16
Event Title: Temples of Golden Wisdom

 "If The Temple of ECK stands directly on a dotted line which separates the microcosm from the macrocosm, the potential of the ECK teachings in the world today. In the microcosmic world, on the small side of the dotted line, it was: I seek consciousness for myself. In the macrocosmic worlds, it now means: We seek consciousness so we can serve life."

 "The guardian of the Temple of ECK in Chanhassen is, of course, the Living ECK Master. The Temple is a gathering place for inner and outer study. Seekers of truth come here physically, in the dream state, in contemplation, and via Soul Travel to study the holy works of ECK."

 "The Temple of ECK is the starting place for Soul’s dream of reaching God." —Harold Klemp, The Temple of ECK,   pgs. 0, 9, 14

Officiator Austin Audu

Event Date & Time: Jul-16-2017 11:00 am
Event Venue: Eckankar Center of Dallas