Texas Satsang Society Events
Worship Service, March 5
Event Title: Spiritual Abundance

“You and I are Soul. As such, we have this spark of creativity within ourselves, which has no limits. In the power of divine creativity, there is no limitation whatsoever. This world is a world of abundance.” “There are miracles around you all the time. All you have to do is recognize them. You have to see what's there, and the ECK will show you, sometimes in the most humble ways. Some of the ways are so humble that people not used to Its way of speaking are going to miss the point. But many of you understand how It works. You know the silent and the not-quite-so-silent voice in which It speaks. And you're ever thankful that God, or Sugmad, has provided you with the gift of inner hearing and of second sight so you can hear and see Its message as it comes through in the Light and Sound. That's the Holy Spirit, the Light and Sound of God.” —Harold Klemp, The Road to Spiritual Freedom, pgs. 69, 321

Officiator Frank Whiteside


Event Date & Time: Mar-05-2017 11:00 am
Event Venue: Eckankar Center of Dallas