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Discover an opportunity to experience the Light and Sound of God with insights into long unanswered spiritual quests. Participate in spiritual fellowship and experience the wave of Holy Spirit in the Sound of HU.

The word HU is an ancient name for God. It is a wave of God's love to all mankind. Take part in spiritual discussions, workshops, and the sharing of insights gained in spiritual roundtables. Discover an opportunity of a lifetime.

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Location: 9600 Dyer Street  El Paso,  TX  79924
Phone: (703)434-1196

El Paso Local Area ECK Events

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Community HU Chant

HU is both name of God and the spiritual wave or Audible Life Stream often referred to as the Holy Spirit. Why sing HU? Singing HU prepares you as a clean channel for the Holy Spirit. It gives you a sense of divine love. It showers you with deserved spiritual favors. It showers you with God's blessings. It is spiritually uplifting to people of all faiths. Come join us in singing HU. It opens the heart to the love of God.

El Paso Public Library,Richard Burges Branch
Jun-03-2017 01:00 pm
ECK Light and Sound Service

The ECK Light and Sound Service is a fellowship for all people from every faith with unanswered spiritual questions. Experience your inner spiritual potential and the answers that spring from it. Share your spiritual experiences and learn from the insights of others that resolve your spiritual questions.

El Paso Public Library,Richard Burges Branch
Jun-03-2017 01:00 pm
Book Discussion

"Man in a sense, is in quest of a holy grail," says Sri Harold Klemp. In the powerful third collection of his Wisdom Notes, the Master gives his all to help you grasp what is yours". Set your own rhythm for study and discover how to: * Move Forward on the Spiritual Path * Experience Spiritual Unfoldment * How to Deal with Passings * Revisit the Past etc etc

El Paso Public Library, Richard Burges Branch
Jun-17-2017 01:00 pm


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