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    Military, civilian, young or old, most of us (more than 50% according to the latest research) have had at least one significant spiritual experience during our lives. Do you have one to talk about? You are invited to attend discussions on spiritual topics and receive a free Spiritual Experiences Guidebook, which includes a CD. Also, learn how a spiritual exercise such as HU, A Love Song to God, can help you transform everyday life into a spiritual adventure.

    We will be here on the 2nd Saturday of every month at 10:30 a.m.

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Location: Shilo Inn Suites Hotel, 3701 S. W.S. Young Dr.  Killeen,  TX  76542
Phone: 254-793-3987
Email: Information@eckankar-texas.org

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Discussion: Spiritual Wisdom on Dreams, Jan. 14

We are adding an exciting new feature to our Meeting: 

From 10:15 a.m - 11:15 a.m we invite you to join us in a discussion of

"Spiritual Wisom on Dreams."

A booklet of the same name, written by Harold Klemp, the Spiritual Leader of ECKANKAR, will be provided to you. 

"Dreams touch every level of our life," says Sri Harold. "They may let us glimpse the future, or give suggestions for healing, or share insights into our relationships. Above all, they can and will steer us more directly toward God."

Spiritual Wisdom on Dreams can help us remember and interpret our dreams, research past lives, and even reunite with a departed loved one.

Then at 11:45 a.m. you are invited to join us while we chant HU as a love song to God. This chant lasts about 15 minutes during which time we contemplate on God's love for us. You are welcome to join or just relax and listen. 

After the HU, please feel free to ask questions or share spiritual experiences. We have all had these experiences that make us aware of ourselves as a spiritual being. We welcome your input. 

Shilo Inn Suites Hotel - Killeen, TX
Jan-14-2018 10:15 am
Sound of Soul, Jan. 14

"Welcome to the worlds of HU, an ancient, universal name for God. This sacred word can spiritually uplift people of any relgion, culture, or walk of life. It is freely given--a gift beyond measure.......Love is love.....And you are that. HU is the Sound of Soul"

--Sri Harold Klemp, The Sound of Soul

Join us every 2nd Sunday at 11:30 a.m. for this Sound of Soul event:

  • We begin with a reading from one of the ECKANKAR books.

  • Then we will chant the word HU (pronounced as hue) in a quiet drawn out manner while listening to a recording of thousands of people singing HU at a seminar.

  • After about 15 minutes the HU will draw to a close and then there will be a short contemplation period (2-3 mins.)

  • Following the silent contemplation, there will be a spiritual discussion including sharing, and questions and answers, and fellowship.






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Shilo Inn Suites Hotel - Killeen, TX
Jan-14-2018 11:30 am


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