Spiritual Discussion

A spiritual discussion brings likeminded people together to explore an introductory topic from a spiritual perspective. Spiritual discussions are informal, much like a kitchen-table discussion with friends. A facilitator is present to help attendees delve a little deeper into the discussion topic at hand.

Check the Local Events tab to learn more about spiritual discussions in Texas that may be scheduled close to you.

Book Discussion Classes

Come share experiences, ask questions, or just listen as the group explores keys to spiritual freedom. These classes are led by a trained ECK teacher (Arahata). Most ECK book discussion classes are open to the public. If yours is, you are welcome to invite friends and family who'd like to know more about the ECK teachings.
The book discussion class may be for adults (those above eighteen) or for youth (through age seventeen)

Check the Local Events tab for book discussions that may be scheduled in your area.

ECK Worship Services

People from all walks of life gather to celebrate a life lived in harmony with Divine Spirit. The ECK Worship Service is for the public and ECK Members alike and are a great way to introduce friends and family to ECK. Many services include youth programs.

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Eckankar seminars are an opportunity to join with other spiritual seekers and students of Eckankar for one to three days of talks by inspirational speakers; workshops; small group discussions; inspiring creative arts; and programs for children, youth, and families. See more about what ECK seminars have to offer here. Find specific information about upcoming major and Texas regional ECK seminars here.

HU Chants

A HU Chant (or HU Song) is a gathering to sing the ancient love song to God, the HU. It is simply for the spiritual upliftment of those who come and is not directed to any other purpose. Find out more.

Light And Sound

The twin aspects of the Holy Spirit, the divine life current that flows from God. Find out more.

Introductory Presentation

This type of event provides an introduction to Eckankar and the teachings of the ECK (Holy Spirit). It may be a single class or discussion, or a series of classes (see book discussion).

Roundtables and ECK Youth Forums

Roundtables are small discussions which focus on spiritual topics about the ECK teachings. They are led by ECK Spiritual Aides (ESAs). ESAs are members of the ECK clergy, Initiators, and are also specially appointed by the Living ECK Master to meet with individuals who wish personal spiritual assistance.

ECK youth forums are similar to roundtables but are especially for young ECKists (under eighteen).

Check the Local Events tab for ECK roundtables that may be scheduled in your area.

Current Eckankar-Texas State Wide Events

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